Beverly Hills Election Candidate Robin Rowe Teams with BH2

Beverly Hills City Council Candidate Robin Rowe

Beverly Hills City Council Candidate Robin Rowe

Beverly Hills City Council candidate Robin Rowe becomes the first sponsor in the progressive newspaper’s launch

BEVERLY HILLS, CA 2024/2/8 – “I’m excited to be part of the launch of the Beverly Hills Herald, the progressive newspaper of Southern California,” says Beverly Hills City Council candidate Robin Rowe. “Other local newspapers downplay or won’t report the mistakes of the Beverly Hills City Council, the school board and the planning commission. Other newspapers suffer a conflict of interest reporting on City Hall, their biggest advertiser and patron.”

As Beverly Hills voters know by now, Robin Rowe is the progressive candidate running against two conservative Democrats and seven Republicans. Robin Rowe has experience planning and implementing national security for the U.S. Department of Defense. Currently chairman of a UN emergency healthcare task group. Beverly Hills voters have already received their election ballots by mail, and may vote anytime up to election day, March 5th.

Robin Rowe sides with Beverly Hills Police Chief Stainbrook, who says BHPD is fully staffed, that hiring more police officers cannot be expected to reduce crime. Robin Rowe does not agree with his nine opponents who each say they will keep hiring more police officers, no matter the cost.

Robin Rowe says his plan is…

  1. Police: Put Beverly Hills uniformed police officers back on foot patrol to deter crime, and make cuts to so-called ambassadors private security who only report crime but cannot stop it.
  2. Housing: Stop proposing brain-dead Mixed-Use housing plans that at best can provide a dozen new units when the requirement is a housing plan for 3,100, to instead zone for two high-rise residential towers like Chicago’s beautiful Lake Point Tower, on undeveloped City property away from single-use homes, that the State can readily approve.
    3. Schools: Reverse the decline of Beverly Hills schools by reinstating the Beverly Hills schools diversity program, repealed by the Beverly Hills City Council in 2010, that had the best students from outside Beverly Hills compete to fill empty seats in Beverly Hills classrooms, creating high academic standards and filling gifted student classrooms.
  3. Transportation: Build the Beverly Hills Skyway, an aerial tramway with suspended gondolas like at a ski resort, to provide public transportation within Beverly Hills capable of moving 2,000 visitors per hour, instead of clogging Beverly Hills streets with hundreds of Ubers at the coming Rodeo and La Cienega Metro stops.
  4. Legal: Stop wasting millions on nuisance lawsuits against the County, State and federal government in an expensive and ultimately futile effort to delay enforcement of progressive U.S., State and County laws that City Council conservatives don’t like.

Vote No to Beverly Hills School Board Candidates

Robin Rowe urges voters to reject all candidates from the Beverly Hills School Board. The Beverly Hills School Board was recently sued for incompetence, and lost. The School Board is responsible for Beverly Hills High School falling from #1 to 1,518th place, for students fleeing Beverly Hills’ crumbling public schools to attend private schools, that half of Beverly Hills elementary schools have been closed, and that teachers are paid wages insufficient for them to afford the cost of living in Beverly Hills.

Beverly Hills School board members have claimed keeping the cost of teacher pay low is a BHUSD budget accomplishment, yet BHUSD spent $16 million hiring expensive lawyers, who lost every court case brought by BHUSD trying to block the Metro. BHUSD diverted and wasted millions of dollars on a conservative boondoggle unrelated to education.

Vote No to BHUSD Citizens’ Bond Oversight Committee Candidate

Robin Rowe urges voters to reject the candidate presently on the School Board who previously served on the BHUSD Citizens’ Bond Oversight Committee. That committee failed to stop the diversion of $16 million of BHUSD public funds earmarked for building repairs into an illicit effort to block Metro construction, and the destruction by BHUSD of related public records.

Vote No to Beverly Hills Planning Commission Candidates

Robin Rowe urges voters to reject all candidates from the Beverly Hills Planning Commission. The commission is responsible for the lack of affordable housing in Beverly Hills and for the lack of protected bike lanes. The commission’s repeated failures to produce an affordable housing plan acceptable to the State has serious consequences, with invocation of the Builders Remedy overruling Beverly Hills zoning laws. That the Beverly Hills Planning Commission’s architecturally flawed Cheval Blanc Hotel plan was rejected by Beverly Hills voters in referendum also has serious consequences, with future Beverly Hills budget cuts expected due to that loss of hotel tax revenue.

Vote No to Big Spender Candidates

Robin Rowe urges voters to reject all nine of the other candidates because they have said they will increase spending by hiring more police and City lawyers, but have no plan how to pay for it. That has serious consequences, with future cuts to Beverly Hills Parks & Recreation and other City services.


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