Election March 5th: Vote for Robin Rowe!

Robin Rowe

Robin Rowe

I’m Robin Rowe, the only progressive candidate for Beverly Hills City Council. I stand for fiscal sanity and timely workable solutions.

My opposition says being on the Beverly Hills School Board or the Beverly Hills Planning Commission is their big accomplishment. However, these organizations have failed Beverly Hills.

Long ago, Beverly Hills High School proudly ranked #1. It has declined. Fallen from first, to 1,518th place. Beverly Hills students have fled to private schools. Half of the elementary schools in Beverly Hills have been closed. The Beverly Hills School Board is a failure.

The Beverly Hills Planning Commission produced the flawed Cheval Blanc hotel plan, rejected by voters. And, the flawed affordable housing plan, rejected 5 times by the State. The Beverly Hills Planning Commission is a failure.

I’m Robin Rowe. I have proven public safety experience. I served as a subcommittee chairman under the director of U.S. Homeland Security. To keep our country safe, I developed crisis management technology installed at the U.S. Department of Defense.

1) Police…I will move our excellent police force out of the police station and back out on patrol deterring crime. I will cut wasteful private security, with its so-called ambassadors.

2) Housing…I will build 3,100 units of affordable housing, as mandated by the State. Not for the homeless who have been dumped here by red states, For housing our Beverly Hills emergency responders, teachers and workers who work here and should live here. Build two residential high-rise towers, similar in scale to Chicago’s Lake Point Tower, considered the most beautiful residential building in the world, on City-owned property away from single-family homes.

3) Transportation…I will build an overhead skyway to connect the Rodeo Metro to City Hall and the Police Station, to the Beverly Hilton, to the shops on Robertson, and to the malls in Beverly Center and Century City. Like the Palm Springs Tramway, gondolas suspended on cables.

I’m Robin Rowe, the only candidate who accepts no donations. Not from unions. Not from luxury real estate developers. Not from hedge funds. Not from bankers. Not from any so-called friends or cronies. None. And, I don’t post any of those annoying eyesore yard signs either.

Be safe! Vote on March 5th for Robin Rowe. The public safety candidate for Beverly Hills City Council with national security experience and a track record of successful leadership.

This message was paid for and approved by Robin Rowe.