BH2 PosterBeverly Hills Herald (BH2) the Progressive Newspaper of Southern California

The Beverly Hills Herald (BH2) is published on Sundays and printed in Beverly Hills. BH2 offers local news with biting insights and produces its own comic strip. World-class investigative reporting from a news team that has worked at NBC, Disney and Fox.

Whether you are progressive, conservative, liberal, or don’t have a political opinion, we welcome you and hope you enjoy reading. Although we write on subjects expected to interest progressive readers, our mission is to report the news with integrity and facts. Whatever your viewpoint, expect to find useful insights here, not an evangelist telling you what to think.

BH2 has teamed with KTLA-TV. To announce the newspaper’s launch, BH2 is running an ad campaign in rotation on KTLA broadcast television from February 8th, 2024.

BH2 launched as a print newspaper on January 27th, 2024. Available free on newsstands in Beverly Hills. Available online at BeverlyHillsHerald.com. Subscribe to our free email newsletter.

  • No Clickbait

BH2 often refers to politicians by their title or initials instead of by name. Avoids giving bad actors a free branding advertisement of their name. Some politicians say hateful things and make deceptive statements because it works in their favor to get their names in the media. Outrage can make good clickbait, and clicks equals revenue at other publications, whether through ads or by selling the click cookie data of unpaid visitors and their paid subscribers.

  • No Cookies

BH2 doesn’t sell your data. BH2 doesn’t use cookies and won’t track you unless you loCDgin to the site with your username and password.

  • Have a Newsworthy Tip or Photo?

For example, maybe you took a photo of a Beverly Hills police officer being struck by a MAGA protester, or a person being hassled in Beverly Hills due to race or religion. We want to see it. If you have a newsworthy local tip or photo, whether it supports or is adverse to progressive views, we’re interested.

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News stories published by Beverly Hills Herald may be freely republished by other newspapers and media, or forwarded to your friends, under a Creative Commons CC:BY license. That means, please share and tell others you heard it here.

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Contact us with corrections and kudos. Call 323-535-0952. Email us at editor@beverlyhillsherald.com.